Since 1631

A beer as genuine as its history. Maybe this is the secret of the brand. The name Schlappeseppel is no artificial word, developed by marketing specialists, it is living history and a regional idiom.Genuine, authentic and deeply rooted in the region.

Genuine beer has no need to be fashionable, it is a matter of taste. This has not changed throughout the centuries. Then and now, the unique, authentic, sparkling taste of a "Schlappeseppel" beer has been enjoyed. Generations of beer lovers have made it their favourite drink. Some even “for their whole life on earth" – if we are to believe the traditions.

The whole Schlappeseppel world.

Our beer specialties at a glance.

Schlappeseppel beers are not alike. Each one is unique. However whether it is of smooth bitter, tangy and fruity or full-bodied taste – a Schlappeseppel beer is more than a beer, it is an attitude – immune to fashion and its temporary appearances. In times like these, this is really a bit of luxury.

At least if luxury means satisfaction of our longing for remaining values and unconditional quality. But not at last – if not even first of all – for the pleasure of authentic beer drinking, just as everyone at Schlappeseppel, whether young or old, has been talking about for centuries.
Needless to say, all our beers are brewed according to the Bavarian “Reinheitsgebot” or “purity law”.

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