In 1842, the beer of the pub called "Bürgerliches Brauhaus" in Pilsen was so bad (at that time, a cloudy, warmly fermented, dark beer) that the inhabitants destroyed the beer barrels on the market square. After rebuilding the brewery and engaging the Bavarian master brewer Josef Groll from Vilshofen, a beer type was created that today has a 70 % share in the world market.


Schlappeseppel Pils is a golden light beer of dry taste as it is not focused on a full-bodied malt taste but on the particular emphasis on the aromatic hop and bitter taste. These herbal and/or lemon flavours of the hops are perceived evoking the interplay between nose and palate.

Glass preferably used

The glasses are sized from 0.1 l to 0.5 l. As it tastes best when it is cool, we rather recommend a smaller glass. The ideal Pils glass is thin-walled to complements the dry taste of the beer The hop aroma components are especially emphasized here.

Recommended occasions for Schlappeseppel Pils

The particularly high content of bitter substances stimulates the gastric juice, therefore it is for example suitable with canapés or in-between various courses preparing for the other taste. It is also ideal for relaxation after a good meal.



Aroma/taste:   fine  1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10  strong
Bitterness: mild  1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10  bitter
Colour/appearance: light  1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10  dark
Drinking temperature: 8-10 °C

Alcohol content: 5,0 vol.%
Original gravity: 11,3%

Monde Selection – International Institute for Quality Selection 2017
DLG - Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft 2016
ITQI - International Taste & Quality Institute Brüssel 2015 & 2014
Selection, Mainz 3 Sterne

0,5 l in 20 pcs. carton
Art.-Nr. 594 

0,33 l in 24 pcs. carton
Art.-Nr. 249

0,33 l Sixpack (4 pcs. in carton) 
Art.-Nr. 344

30 l barrel
Art.-Nr. 539

50 l barrel
Art.-Nr. 550

15 l party barrel
Art.-Nr. 252

5 l party barrel
Art.-Nr. 7261

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